Privacy policy

Code Of Behavior

Our dedication is to safeguard the confidentiality and individual data of our customers. This policy on privacy explains the kinds of data we gather, our usage of it, and the measures we take to safeguard it. We trust that most of our users would not misuse our website or the tools and services provided on it. Due to this, we kindly ask that you go through the following content and follow our set of rules. Thanks for working together.

How we protect information

We utilize security measures that are commonly used in the industry to safeguard personal information from being accessed, revealed, or utilized without authorization. We restrict the availability of personal data solely to the staff members who require it for delivering our services. Additionally, we mandate that our third-party service providers utilize suitable security measures for safeguarding personal information.

Dishonesty or Cheating

Our goal is to help you succeed in your academic pursuits, but that can only happen if you avoid participating in deceitful academic behaviors like cheating. If it is found out that you have broken these rules, we will react strongly. In case evidence is found that our services have been misused in a manner that breaches the previously stated code of conduct, we retain the authority to terminate the account of the user who committed the transgression. This choice will be determined solely by us.


Our website functions as a platform where information can be exchanged without any limitations. However, there are particular instructions that must be adhered to. In case you break the rules of service, we have the authority to instantly end your Account and erase any Content that you have posted.


We have the authority to modify the terms and conditions and the privacy policy without giving you any prior notification. We have the right to modify the Site (or any part of it) or to stop operating the Site completely, with or without warning, whenever we think it's appropriate. You agree and recognize that if the Site is changed, paused, or terminated in any manner, neither we nor anyone else will be responsible for any damages to you or anyone else.

Commitments To Accounts

Upon registration, you will need to enter your personal details, such as your complete name, birth date, registered email address, and other pertinent information, aside from creating a password. During your usage of the website, your first name and the first letter of your last name will be displayed. An email address that is different from your original one is created and shown on the website for your Account. This location will automatically direct any communication to and from your authentic electronic mail account. This assists us in upholding the privacy of your Account.